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                  , situated on Lucknow-Faizabad highway, is one of the most revered towns of the region of erstwhile Awadh. Even after Zamindari abolition and decline of Taluqdarana system, it remained a center of  Awadhi
tahzeeb with a touch of *�Rudaulviyat� and helped nourish the cultural supremacy that it acquired over the last couple of centuries. It has also been the favored designation of some of the famous Sufi saints of India. A connection because of which it is popularly known as �Rudauli Sharif�. Though it has not been able to maintain its characters with the same intensity of the gone era, Rudauli of today is a continuum of its glorious past. Urdu which was at the heart of old tahzeeb of Awadh also got its share of Rudauli in almost every genre of Urdu literature.
Rudauli is the seat of famous Sufi saint Makhdoom Abdul Haq (rah.) who is one of the pillars of Sabriya silsila. Another Sufi who was also a great poet, Abdul Quddus Gangohi, was also born in Rudauli. Sheikh Safi, grand father of Abdul Quddus Gangohi (Rah.) is also buried in Rudauli.
When it came to shayari  Asar,Wasif,  Majaz, Masood Akhtar Jamal, Jafar Mahdi Razm and host of other names come to one�s mind.
In journalism, people like Ateeq Siddqui, Ansar Harwani (MP in the first and second parliament in 1952 and 1957 and Majaz�s younger brother) Parwana Rudaulvi contributed at the highest levels. Parwana Rudaulvi became more popular than the two because of his connection with All India Radio over and above his journalistic work and several books that he has written.
Urdu literature�s criticism can never become complete unless one mentions the name of Baqar Mahdi and Dr. Sharib Rudaulvi.

Chaudhary Mohammad Ali whose literary oeuvre is full of many different types books was an outstanding writer.

Though it is not so much known a fact today but women of Rudauli were also ahead of their times and there were some highly educated women who should be remembered for their contributions. In this context,Hima  (Daughter of Chaudhary Muhammad Ali) and Safia Akhter & Hamida Salim (sisters of Majaz and Ansar Harwani) , Safia Akhtar (mother of famous poet-activist of the day Javed Akhtar) and Safia Naumani (Mother of one of the finest English poet of his time Agha Shahid Ali) can be mentioned.
Mohammad Haleem Ansari is considered to one of best Arabic scholars of India whose work was published in Arabic journal Al-Hial published from Egypt. He translated many Arabic books including Al Attaqan Fi Uloomil Quran.
Shah Moinuddin Ahmad Nadvi was also famous man of Rudauli. He joined Daarul Musannifin Azamgarh and became editor and publisher of Maarif and authored many books including Taarikhe Islam, Seerate sahaba, Islam Aur Arabi Tamaddun.

Rudauli also has this distinction that the anthem of the two big universities of India, Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia, (Both among the five central universities of India) was composed by poets from Rudauli.
Rudauli prides itself with some splendid architectural geniuses that still draw people from all over the country.  Chief among these are Husainiya Irshadia (Imambara) and Masjid Irshadia constructed by Chaudhrary Irshad Husain and Masjid Khalil-ur-Rehman constructed by Chaudhray Khalil-ur-Rehman.
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